Concrete Wrap

Concrete WrapTM adds a layer of protection around your existing concrete bases. Concrete WrapTM is composed of a 2" (5cm) thick layer of closed-cell foam with a highly visible EVA plastic shell. The product ships in flat sheets and is then wrapped around your existing structures. Concrete Wrap's unique shape lets it bend around existing curved objects. Depending on the size of the structure, more sheets can be added to extend the protection. The front face includes a recess so that the included belts will pull them tight.


Concrete Wrap 1


Concrete Wrap Not Installed Concrete Wrap 2 LR

Concrete WrapTM is Incredibly easy to install. Just position the panels around the concrete post, and tighten the straps. If you have extra, you can either overlap the sides or cut off any extra for a custom fit. For larger concrete posts, just add more panels.
For help in calculating how many sheets you will need, click here.