Protect-It Maxi FAQ's

 8" x 8" x 20" H

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Protect-It Maxi work?
A: Each Protect-It MaxiTM module has an outer wall that is integrally moulded to a series of curved "spring-like" energy absorbers at the front and sides to provide two levels of protection.

  • Under light to moderate impacts, the outer wall deforms to resist the impact before returning to it's originally shape.
  • Under higher impacts, the outer wall deflects even more, contracting the energy absorbers and delivering increased impact absorption

    This staged response makes the product flexible enough to handle everyday knocks and bumps yet robust enough to withstand substantial forklift impacts

Q: What kind of performance testing has been done with this product?
A: The Impact absorbtion technology used on Protect It Maxi has had extensive Finite Element Analysis conducted during the product development stage to in order to both replicate "real life" impact performance and assess the performance limits of the product.

  • With Protect-It MaxiTM installed on a 4" building column no damage was evident after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 2 km/hr
  • With Protect-It MaxiTM  installed on a 8" building column no damage was evident after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 6 km/hr

For a more in depth technical report and to see a real life test video, please click on the following image: Protect It Maxi Home Page 

Q: Is Protect It Maxi cost effective?
A: Protect It Maxi is the most cost effective structural column protector in the world. The reason for this is because there are actually three costs to consider when purchasing a column protector.

Initial purchasing cost: Protect It Maxi is one of the lowest priced structural column protectors anywhere in the world.

Installation cost: Installation takes minutes without the need for additional fasteners, so labour cost is negligable.

Replacement cost: Replacement cost is a fraction of our competitors. Impact damage typically occurs in small areas only. Protect It Maxi is designed so that damaged units ( modules ) can be replaced individually and far more cost effectively as opposed to the larger two piece products offerred by competitors.

Q: How do I repair the Protect It Maxi should damage occur?
A: All impact protection devices deform in order to absorb impact. Under severe impact, any protective device can deform irreversibly or even fracture to protect the column. The unique design of Protect-ItTM MAXI allows the easy replacement of an individual bumper, not an entire column unit. Remove the linking pins and replace any deformed bumper, then replace pins.

Q: When should I replace Protect It Maxi?
A: The frequency in which you replace your units will depend largely on your forklift drivers - always encourage them to drive responsibly!

Q: How does Protect It Maxi compare to other plastic guards?
A: Most plastic competitors sell products made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) using the rotational moulding process. This material becomes brittle in below zero temperatures. Protect-It MaxiTM uses an injection moulded process which allow useage of much tougher high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic materials with special additives thus allowing Protect-It MaxiTM to perform in continuous operating temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and as high as plus 110 degrees C (230 degrees F)

Q: What about safety inspections?
A: We recommend regular inspections and immediate replacement if permanent deformation or breakage is observed after impact. Removal of a just single connection pin enables Protect It Maxi to be removed from the column, thus allowing safety inspectors quick and effective visual inspections. Once this is done, Protect-It MaxiTM can be re-installed in seconds by reversing the procedure and simply inserting the connection pin back into the hole in which it came out of. (please check the safety standards in your region)

Q: Is Protect It Maxi easy to install?
A: Protect-It MaxiTM is supplied in a MAXIPAC containing 20 indivudual Maxi modules and 8 connecting pins. This pack size allows one person to create a column protector to suit his or her specific needs in just minutes, regardless of the column size or shape, and without exceeding safe workplace practices for manual lifting. Simply put, the larger the column, the more MAXIPACS are required and without the need for any additional heavy lifting!