Protect-It Maxi for Walls

Installation Instructions for Walls & Columns Adjoining Walls

If you wish to use Protect-It MaxiTM to protect a wall, or a column adjoining a wall, we recommend the following procedure.

  1. Assemble the Protect It Maxi's in a wall format as per the images below.
  2. Protect It Maxi will take the shape of the surface that you wish to protect
  3. We recommend fastening a minimum of two Protect It Maxi modules out of every five to the wall using screws and plugs.
  4. Drill a hole the same diameter as the screw body through the front and back of the Protect It Maxi module just above the centre as shown below.
  5. Enlarge the front hole in the modules so that they are now bigger than the screw head, thus allowing the screw to pass completely through to the back of the Protect It Maxi module.
  6. Now, by using these pre-drilled holes, fasten the assembled Protect It Maxi modules to the wall using screws and wall plugs. (we recommend a minimum screw size of 3/16" diameter)

Assembly Instructions for Protecting Walls