Mobile Shelving

Our mobile storage system makes more space available in your present facility by compacting storage. By eliminating fixed aisles and leaving one "floating" aisle for access, your storage capacity will go up by approximately 80%without having to add a single square foot of valuable floor space. This means that you can:

  • Save expensive floor space
  • Significantly increase storage capacity
  • Reduce access time while improving productivity
  • Reduce operating costs

Mobile Shelving Saves You $$

Our mobile systems are designed to work with a wide range of shelving units to allow you to achieve exactly the look you want. In some retail applications such as shoe stores, the units may actually be part of the disp;ay area with slatwall panels installed on the end of each unit. In office filing applications, a lateral system can significantly cut filing and supply space requirements while providing an attractive alternative to filing cabinets.

Our special low profile tracks have a track height of less than half an inch, and they are properly sloped so that they offer a minimal profile to any wheeled vehicle, cart, or dolly. In addition, it requires no special built-up floor as higher profile tracks do. This means that our tracks can be installed on carpet, tile, or concrete without damage to the floor.


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