Capacities of Racking

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Racking Capacities 

Due to an increase of regulations and strict enforcement pertaining to storage systems within industrial and retail establishments, the Econo-Rack Group has prudently chosen to refrain from publishing rack frame and beam capacity charts to the general public. 

Capacity charts of individual rack components are very limited in scope.  The use of components by personnel not familiar with their strength and stability interactions in a given configuration can result in a deficient storage structure that poses serious safety hazards to one's workplace and employees.  To comply with current regulations, The Econo-Rack Group will design an engineered storage system that will meet all applicable standards for our valued customers' unique requirements.

The Econo-Rack Group continues to be a worldwide leader in the design of advanced storage solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent of applicable performance standards through continued research and development.  Our team of Professional Engineers has proven success in proactively initiating storage and material handling safety standards with government officials based on a ‘common sense' approach. 

Should you have any questions or concerns with regard to the safe loading, use, or maintenance of your storage system, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for assistance with your needs.  You and your employees deserve the peace of mind of dealing with a reputable supplier who puts workplace safety first.